Blue Shark Pictures is a venture fund that invests in entertainment packages. We create valuable opportunities for project visions in the way of funding, investing, and gaining influential connections.

Blue Shark Pictures is creating a revolution in the entertainment industry; we bring value by leveraging ourselves as the top entertainment fund in the world, which in turn will make the most money & bring in the highest yields for your project.

We are the Blue Shark of entertainment – we are the authority. We bring confidence and authenticity to any project and will appropriate and manage funds so you can focus on making your project reach its potential. Our fund will create the whole package for you by building out the brand of each entertainment package, which enables us to reach a worldwide audience.

We have an established portfolio that allows us to develop branded content that attracts the finest talent and ensures quality product. We’re continuing to build our portfolio with the following funding targets:

Fund 1: $150 Million
Fund 2: $500 Million
Fund 3: $1 Billion

We invest in the hottest entertainment opportunities that make money, including movies, TV series, Broadway shows, video games, streaming platforms, mobile apps, movie studios, and production facilities. We partner with movie studios, producers, A-list actors, directors, and screenwriters, as well as top talent agents & managers.

Our team is building an incredible board of advisors that will include the top players in the entertainment sector. Access our proprietary business model, comprised of sophisticated influential leaders in the industry from accredited investors to wealthy families and billionaires.

Blue Shark Pictures is rising to the top and becoming the next generation of entertainment. Are you in?

Jeffrey Gliwa

Jeffrey A. Gliwa (born on January 12, 1974) born in Brooklyn, NY is an Executive Producer, Actor, and Founder of Blue Shark Pictures, LLC.

Early in his career, Jeffrey garnered a reputation for being a mover and shaker in the Hotel and Club world of Manhattan, as the Nightlife Impresario for SoHo Grand Hotel and the Gansevoort Hotel. He translated his talent for production and promotion into film fund raising ventures with a focus on introducing legacy talents to the industry.

“Blood Moon” written by Nicholas Kazan and introducing Maya Kazan was an independent feature that Jeffrey secured capital for before moving into the Executive Producer role for the Coppola Film Partner’s “Sacred Blood” starring Michael Madsen and Anna Bianna, which introduced Bailey Coppola, and “Torch”, starring Vincent Spano and John Savage, were two of the features produced through the fund. Jeffrey’s Hollywood film school and inaugural slate was with Christopher R. Coppola, the older brother of movie star Nicolas Cage and they both are the nephews of Francis Ford Coppola. Christopher is also the nephew of Talia Shire, who played Adrian in the “Rocky” movies and Connie Corleone in “The Godfather” films. Coppola gave Jeffrey his nickname “Blue Shark” because of his ability to raise equity so quickly and deliver funding ahead of schedule.

Jeffrey’s Blue Shark Pictures has successfully raised over 50 million in Private Equity over the past decade. Currently he is developing and managing the Blue Shark Fund that is producing feature films.

After working with Coppola Film Partners, Jeffrey began a partnership with iconic Indie film maker Rob Nilsson, who, with co-director John Hanson, won the Camera d’Or at Cannes for “Northern Lights” (1978) and Nilsson won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival for “Heat and Sunlight” (1987). He is the first American film director to have won both awards. Jeffrey produced and Rob directed “Arid Cut” together, released in 2019.

These partnerships lead to Warren Zide / Zide Pictures, the producer behind the “American Pie” and “Final Destination” franchises, to reach out. The two have a slate of 6 films for which Jeffrey raised millions of dollars in development capital.

Currently, Jeffrey is producing in alliance with Jeffrey Greenstein / Millennium Media, where a partnership is in development on an 8-picture slate for 2021. Headlining this slate is “The Protector” trilogy penned by David Morell, made famous by his Rambo book series.

Blue Shark has recently launched the Apparition Entertainment Fund with a slate of 4 films, a TV pilot, and an APP designed to bring film and entertainment investing to every person who wants to be a part of movie making.

Another project in development is with Stevie Long of Long Story, LLC. Stevie Long was the screenwriter for “Starsky & Hutch” and the director of “Strictly Sexual”, as well the staff writer for the TV series “Sons of Anarchy”. Together, Jeffrey and Stevie are heading a 6-picture slate.

Jeffrey has also begun a venture to open a VIP vegan lounge in Hollywood called “V Pictures”, where Timothy Spuches has taken the lead in organizing this project. This plant-based restaurant’s menu will feature vegan tapas with top shelf beverages, as well as a screening room with projectors and flat screens for the A-list entertainment industry to enjoy and share a celebration.

Blue Shark Pictures specializes in pairing talented “up and coming” aspiring filmmakers with industry veterans and helping them breakthrough in the film industry. Further, BSP is a full service independent film studio producing high quality / high yield macro and micro budget films. Blue Shark Pictures provides development financing, known as “first money in” for top Hollywood movie studios, A-list actors, and directors.

With all of Blue Shark Picture’s new partnerships and projects, a total of 24 films are slated for production, as well as a TV series, all with the biggest names in Hollywood. The Blue Shark Pictures Slate has a 250 million dollar budget so far being funded to its projects, and this is just the beginning of the impact that Jeffrey “Blue Shark” Gliwa will have on Hollywood.

“I look forward to hand picking the next generation of film students who are the best of the best and help them break through into the film industry working alongside of A-list industry veterans.”

– Jeffrey “Blue Shark” Gliwa
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My Mission:

My mission is to collaborate with people to create projects that inspire. I’m seeking those who want to support, invest and be part of creating these projects. This is so important right now. People are scared and uncertain. They are seeking things to trust in and more importantly, to feel inspired by.

A vision takes will power, tenacity and most importantly collaboration. Our creative collaboration has a unifying purpose – develop and deliver that which fills the mind and heart with inspiration. Delivering stories that grip us with recognizable fears, threats and challenges which we witness people overcome, conquer and rise from the ashes to find truth, integrity and freedom. These projects are rollercoaster rides that thrill, and chill, then deliver you home, feeling inspired – like you were able to overcome.

Inspiration turns our world into opportunity. It is the most valuable commodity we have to offer. Once people get a taste for it, they pursue it to the ends of the earth. It lets you believe “I can.”


We have amazing partners in place at Blue Shark Pictures. Our partners include:

Jeffrey Greenstein

Jeffrey Greenstein joined Millennium Media in 2010 and has worked on more than fifty films during his tenure at the company, including The Expendables franchise ($800M), Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen ($375M), The Hitman’s Bodyguard ($175M), Criminal ($38M), and Mechanic Resurrection ($125M).

Greenstein has risen through the proverbial ranks of Millennium’s corporate ladder with lightning speed. Named President of International Sales & Distribution at Nu Image/Millennium Films in April 2015, Greenstein oversaw the sales and distribution of all Millennium productions. In 2016, Greenstein became President of Millennium Media. In this role, he manages all aspects of the independent studio.

On Millennium’s upcoming slate are Mike Mignola and Neil Marshall’s reboot of Hellboy starring David Harbour; Angel Has Fallen, directed by Ric Waugh; Rambo V starring Sylvester Stallone; Rod Lurie’s adaptation of Jake Tapper’s Afghan war story The Outpost with Scott Eastwood, Caleb Landry Jones, Orlando Bloom; Poison Rose starring John Travolta, Famke Janssen, Morgan Freeman and Robert Patrick; and Kill Chain with Nicolas Cage and Ryan Kwatan.

Greenstein is a graduate of the University of Central Florida – College of Business Administration, where he majored marketing with a concentration in sales.

Prior to entering the film business, he was an Assistant Trainer for the Anthony Robbins Foundation, owned and published a performance driven magazine for young professionals, and owned and operated a commercial carpet cleaning company he started at the age of 19.

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Warren Zide

Warren Zide is the producer of the most successful comedy franchise in cinema history, American Pie and one of the top-grossing horror franchises of all time Final Destination. His first 8 films grossed over $2.5 Billion Dollars at the Box Office.

He is the most sought-after producer in Hollywood because of his ability to forecast & select Box Office Gold. Many have nicknamed him ‘The Oracle of Hollywood Producers”. This Box Office Gold is now in the hands of everyone who is part of our team, and our investors are the most important part of our team.

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Stevie Long

Stevie Long has been working in Hollywood for 25 years. His experience includes working as a producer and ghostwriter for all the major studios and TV networks. His resume includes a wide range of both comedy and drama, from the smash hit ‘Starsky & Hutch’ on the big screen to the gritty drama ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ on television.

While he has enjoyed making movies and shows for the world’s largest media companies, his focus now is to take advantage of the booming market in independent content creation.

For all of Hollywood’s 100 year history, films were produced and financed by the major studios, who would then oversee their distribution around the world in theaters and on cable channels.

That entire model has fallen apart in the last 10 years.

It’s great news. Because a brand new model is taking it’s place. While the studios used to develop scripts, hire actors, and actually make the movies, now, it is all being done independently by filmmakers like Stevie Long.

Netflix and Amazon have taken over the market via streaming. These companies are making hundreds of millions each month from subscriptions, and constantly need dozens of new movies and TV shows every single week for their channels. What they do is purchase completed films from independent filmmakers, either buying them outright or leasing the use of the film for windows of several years.

Every single person in the world now carries a TV screen in their hand all day long– their phone. Billions of people are looking for new things to watch all day, every day.

Warner Brothers and Disney have been forced to create their own channels, HBO-Max and Disney Plus, just to compete with Netflix and Amazon.

Stevie Long saw the writing on the wall when Hulu first started. Knowing that there was far more money to be made creating his own movies, he made a little relationship movie called ‘Strictly Sexual’ on a shoestring budget of only 100k. Not only did it make millions on Hulu, it was the streaming site’s number one movie for nearly 10 years. Financed by private equity, his investors made 1000% ROI.

This trend will only continue, as the streaming channels are hungry for new movies. Studios only make comic book movies these days, yet audiences are still eager for man-with-a-gun action movies, horror films, and small family movies. With the advancement of digital technology, a film can be made on a budget of only 1 or 2 million dollars that looks like a 10 million dollar film.

Netflix and Amazon purchase these films outright for 10 or 20 million all the time. It’s a bargain for them, and a huge win for people like Stevie Long who can bring them finished movies that they can put on their streaming channel.

Stevie Long was at the beginning of this new gold mine and will continue to cash in for his investors and himself, creating movies to keep up with the billions of people around the world constantly scrolling for something new to watch.

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Sam Sleiman

Award winning, international producer Sam Sleiman began his career interning at a small independent studio, moving up to become the in house producer and head of production within two years.

Since that position, Sam has worked on over 20 films, producing 9 of them including the TV series “L.A. Heat”, which aired on TNT and is now in syndication worldwide.

Sam also beat out dozens of big Hollywood names to produce the first Chinese movie ever filmed in the U.S. entitled “Be There or Be Square”, which went on to become the highest grossing Chinese movie of all time.

He then went on to produce the 5 million dollar Christopher Lambert (Highlander, Mortal Combat) film entitled “Day of Wrath”, which has garnered critical acclaim throughout Europe.

In 2018, Sam launched Kinetic Media with partners Warren Zide and Tarik Heitmann. Kinetic Media is a production company and boutique management company representing some of the biggest Hollywood Writers and directors i.e. John Stevenson, Oscar winning director of Kung Fu Panda.

Sam is currently working with Jeffrey Gliwa to help him establish his company Blue Shark Pictures as an international multi media company.

Sam speaks three languages and has extensive world traveling experience, which has made him an asset while filming in various countries all over the world. Although still young, he has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge in development, production and distribution. His hard work, collaborative approach and dedication have made him successful as a producer and manager.

Kinetic MediaIMDB Profile

Rob Nilsson

Rob Nilsson is an independent director, based in San Francisco. Nilsson and co-director John Hanson won the Camera d’Or at Cannes for Northern Lights (1978) and Nilsson won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival for Heat and Sunlight (1987). He is the first American film director to have won both awards. In 2010, The Anthology Film Archive featured a retrospective of Nilsson’s work with Cine Manifest, a film collective he co-founded in San Francisco during the 1970’s. Works screened included Northern Lights (1978) and Signal 7 (1986). He is the director/writer of Arid Cut, which is completed and set to be released, which is produced by Jeffrey Gliwa.

He is the creator of the Direct Action style of digital filmmaking taught in the Tenderloin Group Actor’s Ensemble, San Francisco and featured in workshops conducted around the world. Nilsson is a pioneer in the techniques of video to film transfer which led to today’s digital revolution. In 1985, Signal 7 (1986) was the first small-format video feature to be blown up to film and distributed around the world. Chalk (1996), his first feature with the Tenderloin Action Group (later the Tenderloin Group), a San Francisco inner city acting workshop, was featured in the Locarno and Toronto film festivals. It was voted one of the top films of the year by the Village Voice.

The 9 @ Night film series, nine feature films sharing characters and circumstance with dialogue improvised by the Players, received the San Francisco Film Critic’s Circle Marlon Riggs Award for courage and innovation in cinema in 2008. Seven of Nilsson’s 9 @ Night film series, nine Direct Action digital features cast from the Group, Stroke (2000), Singing (2000), Scheme C6 (2001) and Need (2005), Pan (2006), Used (2007) and Go Together (2007) had their World Premieres at the Mill Valley International Film Festival. Attitude (2003) had its World Premiere at the Hong Kong International Film Festival in 2003 and Noise (2002) at the Virginia FF, also in 2003. The World Premiere marathon screening of all 9 feature films took place at the Harvard Film Archive in 2007.

In collaboration with studio Malaparte in Japan, Nilsson completed a Direct Action digital feature film shot on Sagi Island off the coast of Hiroshima. Winter Oranges had its world premiere in 2000 at the Fukuoka Film Archives in Fukuoka and its US Premiere at the Mill Valley International Film Festival in 2000. In 2000, Nilsson shot another Direct Action digital feature (Samt) in Jordan, working with a cast of young Jordanians assembled by Zenid, a Jordanian institute for social development. Samt had its world premiere at the Mill Valley International Film Festival in 2004.

In 2003 Nilsson, in conjunction with Resfest South Africa, shot Frank Dead Souls, a Direct Action digital feature shot in Cape Town locations with a cast selected from town and township. In 2005 the Pacific Film Archive hosted the World Premiere of Security, a Direct Action feature film produced during a Nilsson residency at the University of California, Berkeley. Security won the Audience Award at the Green Cine Internet Film Festival. In 2006 the Kansas City Filmmaker’s Jubilee presented Opening, a Direct Action feature sponsored and produced in Kansas City by the festival, as its Opening Night film.

Nilsson has directed A Town Has Turned to Dust (1998), a feature film for the USA Channel, from a script by Rod Serling. Presque Isle (2008), a narrative feature shot on locations in the Santa Cruz Mountains and Northern Wisconsin premiered at the Mill Valley FF in 2007. Nilsson directed screen legend Stacy Keach in Imbued (2009) in 2009, which premiered at the Mill Valley International Film Festival. With Citizen Cinema, he continues to create and direct films in the Direct Action improvisational style he pioneered. Nilsson completed Sand (2010), The Steppes (2011), Maelstrom (2012), Collapse, (2013), A Leap to Take, (2013) and A Bridge to a Border (2014). He also created a feature documentary, What Happened Here (2013) a road movie, personal essay on the life of Leon Trotsky.

Nilsson’s film criticism has been featured on Ifilm and the Adobe Motion Channel and in a regular editorial column in RES, once the world’s leading magazine on digital filmmaking. Nilsson received a Rockefeller Artist’s Grant in 2002. Retrospectives of Nilsson’s work have taken place at the Pacific Film Archives, Berkeley, Chicago Institute of Art, Resfest, Seoul, Korea, Digital Talkies Festival, New Dehli, India, MOV Festival and Cinemanila, Manila, Philippines, Hong Kong IFF, and the Kansas City Filmmaker’s Jubilee. He had recent retrospectives at the Yerevan International Film Festival in Armenia, the Moscow International Film Festival, and the Love is Folly Film Festival, Varna, Bulgaria.

Recent awards include the Ted M. Larson Award for “outstanding contributions to the film industry” from the Fargo International Film Festival, the Indie Pioneer Award from the Kansas City Filmmaker’s Jubilee, a Filmmaker of the Year award from the Silver Lake Film Festival, Los Angeles, the Milley Award from the city of Mill Valley for achievement in the Arts, the Filmmaker’s Award from the Mill Valley Film Festival, the Master’s Award from the Golden Apricot International Film Festival, Armenia, the Golden Aphrodite from the Love is Folly Film Festival, Bulgaria and the Sophia Lifetime Achievement Award from the Syracuse International Film Festival. His book of poetry, From a Refugee of Tristan Da Cunha was released in 2007 and is available at Authorhouse.com and Wild Surmise, A Dissident View, his book about the cinema was released in 2013 and is available on Amazon and Authorhouse.com. Nilsson is also an artist with an extensive body of work.

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Christopher Coppola

Christopher R. Coppola is the older brother of movie star Nicolas Cage and they both are the nephews of Francis Ford Coppola, and first cousins of Sofia Coppola, Roman Coppola, Gia Coppola, and Jason Schwartzman. Christopher is also the nephew of Talia Shire, who played Adrian in the Rocky movies and Connie Corleone in The Godfather films.

Christopher Coppola, President of PlasterCITY Productions Inc., has been a champion of and leader in digital media for over a decade. Since 1987, he has directed ten feature films, numerous television shows and developed and produced content for alternative distribution and interactive platforms. He has spoken at CES, NAB, SHOWWEST as well as many film festivals about the future of digital filmmaking. His production company is producing a slate low-budget feature films on which SFAI film students can intern and learn by working on set alongside professionals. In 2006, he created Project Accessible Hollywood (PAH), a non-profit digital film festival designed to reach the “everyday person.” PAH educates people in the use of digital media while encouraging them to express themselves artistically. To date, over sixty digital media festivals, called PAH-FESTs, have been held across the U.S. and abroad. Christopher is the head of the film program and a tenure professor at the San Francisco Art Institute. As a California Arts Council councilman reappointed by Governor Jerry Brown to a second term, Christopher advocates for arts education in public schools and digital media literacy. He has been a member of the Directors Guild of America for 21 years.

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Bailey Coppola

Bailey Coppola is the son of Christopher Coppola and is positioned to be the next A-list actor of the Coppola family, and was the star of the movie “Sacred Blood”.

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Production Facilities

BlueShark Pictures builds, operates, and monetizes production facilities worldwide. Contact us at blueshark@bluesharkpictures.com for details.

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V Pictures Vegan Lounge

A plant based tapas & screening room with projectors and flat screen televisions for the a-list entertainment industry to share a celebratory meal & top shelf Beverages.

Timothy Spuches

Born and raised in on New York’s Upper East Side., Timothy Spuches schooled and socialized with the rich and famous heirs and heiresses in his neighborhood (Columbia SIPA) he created a marketing and promotions company which utilized his extensive Rolodex to fill the most prestigious nightclubs of the era with wealthy and notable young socialites.

After an extremely successful run, Spuches decided to bring his clientele which had expanded to celebrities and Downtown celebutantes under one roof. He opened SOHO uber rest-lounge Veruka which immediately became an internationally famous hot spot for stars in film, music and sports. The spot became legendary among other things for being among the very first to feature bottle service as commonly practiced today.

In 2000 he partnered with Studio 54 to open a VIP club above the theater which garnered intense media coverage due to its high profile clientele. After a successful run, Spuches and his brother took over an art deco boutique hotel in South Beach, The Marlin on Collins Avenue. There he transformed the lobby and patio into a restaurant/bar known as Rex which became a favorite of other NYC ex pats.

Returning to NY in the midst of the financial crisis. Spuches came upon an ambitious project on Ludlow Street that was struggling mightily after opening with little fanfare months earlier. Partnering with ownership he and a longtime associate resuscitated the endeavor by completing design and opening a restaurant on the “roof” level and a bottle service nightclub (SGTs) in the cellar. By spring 2011 Hotel Chantelle took LES nightlife to an entirely different level with queues stretched around the block.

By late 2013, the considerable investment in the space (1.7 million debt) had been completely paid off. By the following summer Hotel Chantelle was serving 300 cover brunches every weekend, 509+cover dinners followed by the busiest nightlife in the neighborhood, hosting crowds of thousands.

Between 2014 and 2019, Hotel Chantelle consistently earned $7M in revenue; delivering profits of 35% to the partners , considering higher than the industry standard 15-18% driven largely by highly profitable bottle revenue .

In 2014, Spuches and the HC team opened another Hotel Chantelle in London and a restaurant/cocktail bar in Williamsburg (The Regal) In striking contrast to his neighbors Spuches was cited by the 7th precinct and local block associations alike as a model operator who maintained a clean and safe operation.

Jeffrey Gliwa is opening the VIP Vegan Lounge “V Pictures” soon!

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Career Opportunities

Blue Shark Pictures specializes in pairing talented, up and coming aspiring filmmakers with industry veterans and helping them break through in the film industry.

Jeffrey “Blue Shark” Gliwa is looking for the best film industry professionals; film students, aspiring filmmakers, independent filmmakers, actors, writers, directors, producers and all crew positions. Send me a sample of your work in one of five ways that shows you’re the best of the best at what you do:

  1. Submit your directors reel, or industry reel
  2. Send me your film or TV resume, or any resume
  3. Send me a video of yourself pitching yourself to me, and please keep it at two minutes of less
  4. Email me your life story, and format it like a screenplay.  Please keep it at a total of two minutes screening time; blueshark@bluesharkpictures.com
  5. Call me directly and pitch me your idea, and/or why you want to work for me as my assistant.  Please keep your pitches shorter than 60 seconds; 323-472-3830

I look forward to hand picking the next generation of film students who are the best of the best, and help them break through into the film industry working alongside of A-list industry veterans. – Jeffrey “Blue Shark” Gliwa

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Contact Jeffrey “Blue Shark” Gliwa at blueshark@bluesharkpictures.com or fill out the form below: