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Building a library of 30 films for sale, Genre Candy Pictures is a profitable business model that provides a genre for worldwide audiences to be entertained 24 hours a day.

Filming Locations

Our mission at Blue Shark pictures is simple: To make movies that make money.

How do we do that?

We make quality motion pictures at anywhere between 30 and 50% cheaper than the studios would.  We hire top notch worldwide known actors in highly commercial movies, but film them in areas of the world where experienced labor and state of the art equipment rates are extremely low.  If a script takes place in the United States, we shoot in film friendly Colorado. If it takes place in Europe, we shoot in Budapest. If it takes place in Asia, we shoot in Vietnam or Thailand.

The final product will look like any big budget studio movie, for a fraction of the price.  The perceived value to buyers will be the same as any studio film and they will pay the same price they would for a studio film which means more value and profits to investors.

It would be the equivalent of buying a million-dollar home for $500,000; you instantly have $500,000 equity.

Once a film is completed, our sales agent will rent a theater and screen the film to buyers, which will then create a bidding war and the highest bidder gets our film.

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